Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Confess: I'm a Seasonal Decor Hoarder

This is the comment I wrote on Morganize with Me blog post about Christmas Storage:

"Our bins are 10 and counting and my husband would be so envious of your husband except the moving part.  We are in the process of going through the garage and so I asked him to bring in every Christmas thing out there.  Some stuff never made it in the house for a  few years.  Now I know what I have and what I want to keep and what I need to give away (that is the part I have problems with).  I feel like I'm in Organizer name is Katharine and I hoard too many Christmas things. Step One: Yes I acknowledge I have a problem! whew!"  

Morgan said that she only keeps 5 boxes for Christmas and one box for all the other holidays.  Her mission statement spells out KISS

KISS - Keep It Simple Sister! 

I have most of my Halloween stuff in an orange and black box and that includes costume stuff.  My Halloween stuff includes all my fall and Thanksgiving decor too.  After hearing comments from Natalie I realized that I should put away some of my regular decor that are fall colors.  They match my orange wall.

My Valentine's and St. Patrick's are in one small box and my Easter stuff in in several boxes so I need to organize and purge these seasonal decor. I keep the table clothes indoors handing on hangers in the front closet.  They are nice material and stay pressed this way.  I have a box for 4th of July and a box for my Flamingo stuff.  I'm excited because I just found my flamingo lights the other day. the way I'm getting tested for ADD.  As you can see I easily get distracted.  When we had our house painted in 2010 some boxes were put here and there and I'm recently finding some lost "treasures".  How can I organize the stuff if I can't find it?

So in 2013 we're being serious about cleaning out the garage and one fine day we will have a wonderful Garage/Yard sale.  I just have to stop buying and start letting stuff go...

Need to do NOW:
  • De-clutter Bedroom and Fix Office Area
  • De-clutter Garage
  • Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
  • Cut back on refined sugar
  • Drink More Water
  • Walk, Walk, Walk

Have bedroom pictures put up.
Get right side of backyard sprinkers or drip system
New Plants for the right side of yard
New Plants for plots near the house (in backyard).

Do you have any resolutions or plans for the New Years?

Pantry Storage on garage shelves too.

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Katharine Devinney said...

I didn't realize how many people I had on my family list. I didn't mean to send this to everyone, but I have no secrets. lol