Sunday, November 4, 2012

El Dias do los Muertos-the Day of the Dead

Have you ever used Picmonkey?  Last week I was playing in there (again). There was a section just for the Day of the Dead, El Dias do los Muertos.(click on the Halloween Pumpkin).  On November 1st and 2nd  it is the tradition of Mexican families to visit the grave sites of their deceased family.  There they create altars and decorate with Sugar Skulls, candies, marigolds (considered the flower of the dead), photographs, toys for children (los angelitos-little angels), food and drink.  November 1st is All Saints Day in many Christian Churches.

My daughter, Natalie, went with her friend and Mom to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where many great Hollywood legend Rudolf Valentino (silent screen star), Benjamin Siegelbaum aka Bugsy Siegal (a notorious gangster) and more are interned here.

Natalie created this image using the pen tablet on Photoshop.  She drew the  picture freehand.

For those of us who aren't as talented as Natalie, like myself, there is Picmonkey.

I wanted to have a bit of fun and went to make creations in Picmonkey.  They had a huge section of Halloween stuff and in one section they had "The Day of the Dead".  Here are some of the things I did with the Picmonkey program.:

 First I uploaded a Pumpkin  then added different overlays from Picmonkey.  Once I had put in the overlay I could change the size and color.  The pumpkin is the first picture I did using this section.

After I was done with the pumpkin I uploaded a shiny purple background and then added the overlays you see.

When I was done with this picture I went to the framing section and used the paper cutter frame for my creation. 

I used Background Fairy background and got the Sugar Skull Overlay from Picmoney.  

I'm sharing this post with some of these great folks.

Go and check out Picmoney and see what you can do to your photos or images.

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