Friday, October 7, 2011

What a Week!!! From Weird Mole to Surgery to Blog Social

Late last week I noticed that one of my moles looked weird. I've had other moles removed and luckily they were benign (meaning no cancer). It didn't help that I had recently read a book where the main character's mom had died from skin cancer. My step-sister's dad died from skin cancer too. I called my Drs and begged for an appointement and was able to get one Wednesday afternoon. Ok that was good but I didn't want to drive because I was started on IB 800 3x's a day for 2 days before my Thursday surgery. My friend was going to take me but she couldn't and her husband volunteered. We went to Church together and I never knew the husband well and was amazed he would do that. He came and got me and said he'd take a nap while I was in the Dermatologist's office. The Dr. right away said it wasn't cancerous and froze it off my face (left check near my jaw). I was out of the office in no time. Then I got a ride home.

Thursday morning my mom and step-dad took me to my OBGYN because I needed a minor surgery called an Ablation. I was having problems and this was to solve that problem, then I'd probably go into menopause. Five years ago the M word would have scared me but now it doesn't. I figure that at 50 (I'll be 50 on the 30th) I don't need all of that anymore. I had to do the surgery awake and even though I was on heavy duty pain killers it still hurt but I was glad when it was over with. My step-dad, mom and I went and got sandwiches and french goodies and took them home. After they left I got a long nap and was ok.

Nothing like Yummy Goodies to make you feel better.

Today, Friday, I was a bit sore but ok. I still can't drive cause I'm afraid of driving even on 800 Ibuprofin, I'm a real light weight when it comes to those type of drugs. I guess that makes me a cheap date. lol I'm still taking it easy and was finishing getting ready for the SoCal Blog Social which is tomorrow.

I'm so excited cause I get to meet some of my favorite bloggers, like Beverly from Flamingo Toes and other local Bloggers. Mark Montano, from "How to look 10 Years Younger" and the book, The Big Ass Book of Crafts and The Big Ass Book of Home Decor is the guest speaker. I love how sensitive he was to the people on his show, 10 Years Younger, and I love the name of his book. I still need to buy it.

We are meeting Orange Circle and walking around to the different stores there.  The Orange Circle is in the Old Part of the City of Orange in Orange County California. 

  Then we are having lunch at a place called The Filling Station Cafe that used to be a gas station.

While we're at lunch we are doing the giveaways.  I'm giving a gift certificate to my Bambooopink Store and we're seeing craft demonstrations.  Plus we're getting swag bags with free stuff.  Woo hoo!!!  Let's just say after a bad start to this week I'm ending it on a great note.


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