Thursday, October 20, 2011

So CAL Blog Social

I had an amazing time at the SoCal Blog Social.  I took a long time to post this because I was waiting for my picture of Mark and I.

When I first got there it was awkward approaching everyone because we were in the middle of a traffic circle. Beverly, of Flamingo Toes, was so gracious and made me feel welcome. I was given a special tote bag that said SoCal Social on it and a name badge attached to a necklace that Beverly had created for all the bloggers. Right after she welcomed me Mark Montano introduced himself to me. I was amazed and said HI I loved your show "10 years younger" and then said I had just seen his book a few days before I found out that he was the speaker and was excited to meet him. He was outgoing and kind just the way he seems on T.V. We got in groups and went walking around the Orange Circle and there were different shops that were expecting us. All of these shops had a small gift for us. Anything from candles, soap, paper decorations, paint to books. 

We were walking around for two hours we stopped at "Paris in a Tea Cup".  

Since I just had surgery on Thursday it was a much needed break for me.   There I bought a pistachio macaroon and we got 2 pink macaroons in a cute bag, with a tea bag to use later on. I ate my macaroon then and saved the rest for Saturday night. They were so yummy! They gave out small samples of fruity tea and had cute tables outdoors.  We had a mini-blog fest in front.

Like I said, the other day, the Orange Circle is in the old part of the city of Orange and dates back to the 1880's. There were tons of Vintage, Retro and Antique stores. My eyes were blurry after looking at all the "eye candy". At the end of shopping at our special shop we'd go to the register and get our treat. We felt like Trick or Treaters. What was especially great was that we got to shop with Mark and talk to him about what we saw.  He even shared stories about his family.  He is so easy to talk to.

At 3pm we were all tired and hungry and sat down to lunch. After a bit we started to have giveaways. During all of this we got to take photos at a photo booth that was set up for us. It was so fun! Then Mark talked to us about his book, about what it's like to publish his book and how he went from being a Fashion Designer to a Television Personality and Craft Book writer. He was very open and funny and it was like visiting with him in his living room. He told us about his Crafting House that he had built in his backyard to look like his regular bungalow. He said it was going to be published in Casa Sugar and so I can't wait to see pictures.

When it was all over with, Mark gave us his book that came out October 11th called, "The Big Ass Book of Crafts Two". When we were leaving we got a signature from him.  After The Filling Station we were invited to go back to the shop, Heavenly Hostess, where we had Martinis or Seltzer and Cranberry Juice in cute plastic Martini glasses. We played a guessing game and had a raffle. I got Beverly to take a picture Mark and I. 

At this time Natalie and her Dad came and got me and it was back to reality. I blabbed about my day and came home and crashed! Then I woke up at 1AM and was the first person to comment on the SoCAL Social's blog. I can't wait till they have another event like this.



Holly Lefevre said...

I think I barely even got to say hi at the Social - so much to organize. I am so glad you enjoyed the day and lucky you to get to shop with Mark! Thanks for coming to the SoCal Social!
504 Main

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

I'm so glad you had a great time at the Social Katherine! It was fun to meet you!
Thanks so much for coming and for your awesome giveaway donation!! :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

So glad you had a good time!