Sunday, August 21, 2011

Compass Rose

When I was teaching 2nd grade I had to teach them different terms for Geography because we were doing a unit on where do we live.  One of the things I did was have a big world map and on the map I had their names connected to a string to where their family was from.  Some were local, some from other states and some from out of the country.  When I did mine, I put Mrs. Devinney and a line going to Sweden which is where my parents are from.  They loved it! Through out the year we talked about neighborhoods and they learned about directions.  One important term they learned was the compass rose, which is a compass that shows North, South, East and West.  Today Karen, the Graphic Fairy, shared a compass rose and I thought I'd play with the words compass and rose.  I think the creation I made would be a perfect for a Steampunk collage or ATC (altered trading card).

Compass Rose

Then I cropped the red rose from this image.  

The yellow/beige rose still showed so I muted the picture and left just the red rose.

Then I added the rose to the compass.  

Compass + Rose = Compass Rose.  Isn't this a great Steam Punk image.  In this post I learned about steam punk and created my own Steam Punk ATC.

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