Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cath Kidson is my New Affiliate

Cath Kidston US

I'm so excited because Cath Kidson is my new affiliate. I just love, love, love her stuff! Don't you?

It's so fresh and fun and so British. If I could have everything by her I'd start my day with a cup of tea in one of these adorable mugs. Now I'm going to tell a little story about my day using Cath Kidson stuff.

Cath Kidston

Then I'd move to my "office and would find a lovely chair like this to sit at when I'm blogging and creating. What kind of chair would you/or do you have?

Cath Kidston

Oh, it's time to meet my friend for some coffee. I better grab my bag and bring a sweater, it might get a bit nippy outside.

Cath KidstonCath Kidston

Oh dear, I must rush home and deal with everyone's homework and make sure I have something for afternoon tea. I think I'll make some Bangers and Mash for Supper.

Cath Kidston

After everyone goes to bed I'd have a lovely bubble bath.  Ahh!!!  That is so relaxing.  Then when I'm ready to dream sweet dreams, my bed would look like this. So comfy!

Cath KidstonCath Kidston

See you in the morning.  What do you want with your tea?  I'd love some scones and lemon curd.

Translations:  Bangers and Mash is made with pork sausages served with creamy mashed potatoes, a rice mushroom and onion gravy.  Lemon Curd is a dessert spread like jelly but made with lemons.  It's smooth and so good with English Muffins and Scones.

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Theresa said...

I love Cath Kidson. I would love some scones with mine. I wish we had some left from teaching my kiddo & blogging about it the other day!
Have a great week ahead!