Thursday, June 2, 2011


Vans are considered the best skateboarding shoes and you can see most kids wearing them in Southern California.  In Santa Monica, California the skateboarders were coming into Vans and having custom shoes made in different colors.  Vans started to carry leather shoes that would last longer than the canvas shoes.  The skateboard shoes became the brand "off the wall".  Even I skateboarded when I was a teenager.  Since I lived on a steep hill it was a huge thrill to ride my board.  I was always a chicken so I felt brave.  They didn't have as many cute choices in shoes back then, but now they do.  Vans Shoes come in Mens, Womens, Boys and Girls and some are Unisex (which means that either men or women can wear them).  There are so many styles to choose from.

If I was a teenager now I'd wear this pair:

Now I'd wear this pair 

Boys and Men can find these pairs.

Did you know that Vans carries more than just shoes?  
They carry clothes and accessories too.

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