Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Calendar Page and Facebook

I have a new calendar page to share:

Just click on the picture to open it and right click it. Then save in your picture files. You may want to make a Calendar folder for the rest of the months. I'm creating a page (see freebies) that will have the first 4 months on it. I'll add the rest later on.

I got copies of these calendars when I was student teaching in a Kindergarten class.  I ended up teaching 2nd grade.  Show your child a completed Calendar and where the 1 goes and how many days are in the month.  I would teach this to the younger students when I was subbing too.  Enjoy!

Now can you do me a favor?

Please "like" my facebook page. The first 25 people will get a 20% discount on their Bamboo Pink Order. The catalog will be out any day now. I'm excited!

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