Sunday, December 19, 2010

Subway Art out of Scrapbook Paper for Christmas

First I found this cute Christmas Subway Art Scrap-paper.

Measured subway art paper to fit 8x10 frame.

Created a paper ribbon.

Crossed with another paper ribbon.

Used this paper for the ribbon which is the back of the other paper.  I created a bow from the scrap paper and my Cricut.  I used a tag from the scrap paper too.

Finished Product.

Right now this project is framed in glass but I want to put it on my porch wall.   Should I use Modge Podge to seal the paper?  I'm afraid that if I use the glass it will fall and break when we have 60 mile an hour winds.  I already broke one frame when my cat Shasta stepped on the frame.  She's part maine coon which is why she's huge (she needs to loose weight too).Don't mind the floors, this was taken in the middle or our remodel.

I thrilled to be featured, on December 23rd, at "Polly Wants a Crafter" the craft blog from Cassidy at "Remodelholics".  They are real popular blogs so that make me even more excited to be featured.  Thanks, Cassidy

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