Friday, March 11, 2011

Trash to Treasure-Wicker Patio Set

This post was reposted from October, 2010.  I thought it was perfect since Spring is coming soon.

One day I was driving with my friend and we saw this old white wicker set near the street.  That usually means it's free but I went to the owner and asked.  She just happened to walk out of her house and said please take it.  We threw it in a small sedan's trunk and drove it down the street.  Lucikly this was just one block away.  I had it sitting in my yard doing nothing for a long time.  Since all the paint had peeled off it wasn't comfortable to sit on, but I had plans.

 It took over a year for me to do anything.  My sister, Anne-Marie  spray painted it white with a few coats while I bought cushions and made pillows.  I wanted it done in time for my mom's 80th birthday.  I bought a tropical print that made me think of the Caribean and made 3 pillows to match the cushions I bought at Home Goods.  The cushions, pillow forms and material cost a little over $100 and of course the wicker was free.  I paid about $20 for the spray paint.  I bought a tray to match and brought over my small tables and a big plant.

There is a coffee table too but I didn't have a before picture of that.

This is the material I used to make the 3 pillows.  I made a small table cloth with the left over material.  I bought the fabric at Off the Bolt in Woodland Hills, California.  It's by Waverly and called Cabana.

I bought the fabric at Off the Bolt in Woodland Hills, California.  It's by Waverly and called Cabana.

Drum roll..... here is the after:

This is how the set looked at my mom's 80th Birthday party in June.

This is the back of my large back yard. I only have sprinklers or drip lines in the front part of the yard.   As you can see we have been having a drought in California.  Today it rained. Yeah!!

Thanks to the website:  I was able to reduce the pictures from huge files that my sister Anne emailed me.  That will be my new picture go to site. :)

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Jess said...

Looks good! What a great find.

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Wow, that is truly trash to treasure! Great job! :)

InMyOwnStyle said...

HI Kat-

Sometimes it takes a while to get your trash turned into treasure. I have had stuff sitting in my basement for years before
I have done anything with them. Your wicker looks so nice and inviting.
My best- Diane

shelley said...

its so pretty... I have always wanted a set!