Monday, October 11, 2010

Collage Monday New Collage Header

Now that I know how to create collages/Mosaics online, I've played around with my header.  My daughter's dad is a graphic designer and helped me created this banner for my blog:

I wanted something for Halloween so I just put in this picture:

For the month of October, I created this:

Just think of all the possibilites for the Holidays in the next few months.  I always like to decorate for the Seasons and Holidays, so how purrfect is it to change my blog header too.

Mosiac or Collage Monday at


Paula & Skip said...

Hi, Kat, thanks for passing by our blog! I would lvoe to know how to make these mosaics! The header looks wonderful.
I love the title of your blog as I am a great catlover. My companion of many years died two yeras ago and Oscar still is missed dearly. I am sure he will bring another cat into my/our life! Meanwhile I am gonna volunteer at the animal shelter as soon as I am over in the States! We will be reunited at the begin of December! Have a purrfect day!

Kat from California said...

Thanks for stopping by. I did the collage/mosaics in a program by It's free!! There are premium stuff but I've just done the free stuff so far. I especially liked what I did in this post:

I also use and One day I'll get photoshop. :)

Have a safe trip in December.


Outsourcing Philippines said...

Halloween is getting closer. People especially the kids are excited because they want to wear their weird costumes.