Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LAMP from CSN Review

I've been asked by CSN to review one of their products.  The item I chose is this lamp.

CSN Lamp
The reason I've taken so long is because the first lamp came to me damaged and so they sent a second one.  The second lamp was worse, so I want to keep the first.  I told them my problem and said I want to keep the lamp anyways.  The problem is that the paint cracked toward the top of the lamp post.  The color ended up being darker (more beige than white) and I wanted to paint it anyways.  I'm going to fix the crack and paint it.  When it's done I'll share that with you.

Other than the crack, the lamp is gorgeous.  There is a vine of leaves and small flowers going up the post.  The details are raised and are so pretty.  It has a shabby chic look and will look great with my other shabby chicky stuff I'm putting in my room/office area.  The shipping was very fast and the packaging was amazing.  I really was surprised that the lamp was injured.  When I went to get more specs on the lamp, for this review, I found out that they have pulled this lamp off the shelves.  They think of their customers first.

The people in customer care were very helpful and quick in replacing the first lamp.  I was very impressed with the customer care at CSN stores.  I would definately shop with them again.  I have a wish list a mile high.

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