Thursday, September 30, 2010

My 48th Birthday at Disneyland with Natalie


For my 48th Birthday -October 30, 2009-my daughter, Natalie and I went to Disneyland. During 2009 Disneyland was offering a free trip if it was your birthday. I had to sign up ahead of time to get a special certificate. This meant that I only had to pay for Natalie. We used to have annual passes and haven't had them for years, so we were looking foward to this trip.

I wish I could go again this year, but we didn't get a free ticket.  I'd love to go again at the Holidays.  It's so magical there and really gets me in the Christmas Spirit.  For the last few years I've been saying I want to see Disneyworld for my 50th.  Since I'm turning 49 this year, I better start saving fast!!

Cute Display that you see from the tram.

We're walking from the tram to the gate.
Main Gate
Look at me!  I'm the birthday girl! lol  I couldn't believe how many other people shared my birthday.
Katharine (me), Cruella Deville and Natalie on Main StreetWent on Alice Wonderland Ride in anticipation of the Tim Burton's Movie.  I loved that movie.  Did you see it?

Goofing off at the Downtown Disney Store.  When Natalie was 3 she used to think I was Ursulla from The Little Mermaid   Natalie drew cat wiskers on her and found the perfect headpiece.  I told her she didn't need more mouse ears (she already had a headband and clip ons with mini ears.

Entrance to the Haunted Mansion decorated for Halloween with the Nightmare Before Christmas Stuff.
Ogga Booga is greeting us.
The outside of the Haunted Mansion..spooky!!

Natalie took a picture of us while we waited in line.  Look how brave I am.  No makeup!!


Hazel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like you had an absolute blast!! Makes me jealous! :) Hazel

Jenny said...

I am totally jealous of all the Disney goers I've been hearing from lately... I just relied to a post where the person spent July the 4th there! Hazel, it looked like so much fun I am thinking of planning a trip myself!

Come by and see me Kat! I am a new blogger. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog :)