Thursday, July 22, 2010

31 Days to a Better Blog Day 4- Successful Blog in my Niche

I have chosen to look at 3 different blogs.  One about Barbies, since I sell them; 2nd about fibromyalgia and 3rd a Blogger that I follow in Blog Frog.

The first blog is:

This blog is all about Barbie dolls.  It talks about all the collector dolls, dolls that can be played with, Barbie Cars, Parties, controveries and more.  It is a great "go to" place to get an idea of what is out in the Barbie World.  There are other sites like this but this one has the best info and pictures.

The 2nd Blog is:

This blog is about a woman who is trying to find ways to cope with fibromyalgia symptoms and ways to make the symptoms dissappear.  Again this is a good blog for me since I have fibro and constantly trying to find ways to be symptom free.  She has clear posts and good links to follow.  She combines medical, emotional and personal information.  I can relate to her and am glad to read about someone like me.

The 3rd Blog is:

I found this blog through the communities of Blog Frog.  Red (that is my nickname for her) has 8 blogs and has links to all of them.  Some give information, some have humor and all have stuff that helps all bloggers.  I have asked Red for advice with my blog and she has graciously taken time to help a newbie.  I look at how she has things organized and learn about that, but I also look to see what I would do differently.  She is the top (as far as readers and followers) blogger in Blog Frog almost 4000 followers in her community.  This astounds me!  I have 63 as of today. :)  It isn't just cause she is a successful blogger that I read her blogs, it is because she has a great sense of humor and is a giving person.  To me this means success can come when you can laugh at yourself and the world and when you are caring and giving to others.

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Rachel C said...

I found you through Red's community, specifically the topic about what turns you off about blogs. I appreciate you sharing your blog with us (I think it's lovely)! Also, I'd love to talk to you more about your Barbie sales, what a strange stroke of kismet that I happened to fall upon your blog today, as I happen to have some collectible barbies (I love Lucy edition - mint condition, never opened) that are in need of a good home.

Kat from California said...

Hi Rachel, Thanks for the comment. Yes I do sell Barbies and I could help you sell the collectables or help you price them. Katharine

Anonymous said...

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