Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Castle by Imagination Box Company- an eco friendly toy that inspires Imagination and Creativity

"We Make Toys Children Remember"  owners and creators of Imagination Box Company.

It's almost a year since I blogged about the Imagination Box Companies products. I've have relisted those posts again.  Now I want to talk about their new product. First of all the Imagination Box Company makes buildings that are created out of paper boxes. Their newest building is the castle. Before they had done a school, firehouse, barn and cottage. Everyone of their products come with non-toxic paint. The castle retails for $39.99, but I'm selling it for $34.99  . It is shipped UPS ground, so domestic shipping is about $10.  Please contact me for International Shipping.

Castle with Out Paint

Close up of the bottom of the castle.

You can see how big the castle is compared to the size of children. As you can see the little princesses are totally engaged in their play time. Your little princes and knights would enjoy playing with this castle too.

Top of Castle


Here it shows the draw bridge down and where you can put the coat of arms.

More Code of Arms to Color in.


Anonymous said...

I want that castle! Life-size, so I can go inside.

Kat from California said...

Lol Amy, I know I would have gone nuts for this stuff when I was a kid. Pass it on. I really admire their products.