Sunday, December 20, 2009

Princess and the Frog Deluxe Gift Set

I still have 4 Tiana dolls left.  I'm selling them for 12.99 + 6.95 domestic shipping and handling.  Orders in by 10PM Pacific time are shipped out the next day.

Right now I have the Delux Gift set that includes Tiana and Prince Naveen from the Disney Movie "Princess and the Frog".  Tiana is Disney's first African American Princess that has caused a lot of excitement with parents.    This item is $23.99 on auction.

Princess and the Pea Delux Gift Set

I have been selling the Tiana doll since September and one parent bought 7 (for her daughter and all her nieces and nephews).  It is about time that Disney created a beautiful African American princess.  I've looked at the previews of the movie, "Princess and the Frog" and it's very different with Jazz 1920's music since it takes place in New Orleans during that era.  I already put on my calendar that the movie comes out December 11. 2009.

Here is the Tiana Sparkle Bag that comes with a Tiana Doll wearing the Petal Green wedding gown and 2 extra fashions.  This item is going for 12.99 + shipping and handling.

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