Monday, August 24, 2009

Kat's Love of Barbies


When I was three years old, my mom's friends gave my sister and I a Barbie and a Skipper. Since I was a younger sister I got the Skipper. My sister didn't even play with dolls, but I could only play with my Skipper.
It was a drag because she wouldn't fit into Barbie's clothes. I got more Barbies as I got older. My favorite was a red head (probably midge) that you could curl her hair. I would spend hours and hours curling and recurling her hair. My friends and I would create houses out of large blocks and make clothes out of cloths and tissue paper. Of course we wanted the real clothes but we didn't get them. I continued to play with my cousins when I was in my early teens. One time I secretly played with my friend at age 16. I left my Barbie there and it got lost in her basement. I never got it back.

When my niece turned 3 my sister let me buy her, her first Barbie. Then when my own daughter was 3, I got her a Barbie too. I went on to buy her more Barbie dolls, clothes, furniture, Houses, movies..etc. We had a blast! The last 2 years she's telling me she's too old. She's only 11!! The last Barbie I got her was the Disneyland's 50th Anniversary "Then and Now" Doll to remind us of our time we had annual passes. We had the passes or a few years.

To get over my heartbreak, I started to sell Barbies on Ebay. First I sold Legolas, from the movie, Lord of the Rings.

Then I sold the 50th Anniversary Golden Glamour Barbie doll. I made profits on both of them which made me even more excited.

In July, 2009 I received the 50th Anniversary Parisiene Doll that is only sold to Barbie retailers. I feel really privelage to get her.

My items on eBay

Now I'm selling everything Barbie. I have clocks, mugs & trays. The sayings on them crack me up. For example: The clock says "I wasn't designed to do housework".

Well I'm off to see if I can find more Barbie stuff to sell...

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